Bioware has secured quite the voiceover cast for it’s upcoming game, Dragon Age: Origins. Tim Curry and Kate Mulgrew join Tim Russ, Claudia Black, and Steve Valentine in voicing characters for the new video game. BioWare is pulling out all the stops with their return to fantasy. They are determined to give the very best to their audience as gamers immerse themselves in a tale full of violence, lust and betrayal.

Tim Curry will play Arl Rendon Howe, a villain who will do whatever is necessary to obtain power. Kate Mulgrew will voice Flemeth, a witch who maintains her immortality though the darkest of ways and is vital to the player’s survival.

The players take the role of a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient order of guardians who served as protectors throughout the centuries. It is up to you to unite the shattered lands and defeat the Archdemon to save the world. Dragon Age: Origins will be released for PC and Xbox 360 on November 3. A PS3 release will occur later in November. Check out the gallery to see some cool concept and promotional art for the game.

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