Sony Online announced the launch of Broodcall, the 11th expansion pack for PoxNora. The Broodcall storyline will introduce 8 new dragons, powerful new runes and an Avatar level cap increase. Within the game, the peoples of Valdac have fallen victim to a dreadful plague that changes the inhabitants into monstrosities. To further complicate matters, the arrival of dragons threatens to plunge the entire world into a never ending abyss of fire and ash. With 72 new runes to wage war with and an increase in the Avatar’s level cap, players will be able to fight against the dragon menace as the war continues. To assist in the new campaign, new relics, spells and equipment have been added along with a streamlined trader system so that traders can swap items without delay. As an added bonus, Premium memberships in Broodcall will include Warbanner Rentals so that members can use any of the 8 warbanners unlimited while a member (this is revoked if membership is stopped).

Interested?Broodcall is available here. Comment below with thoughts and opinions.

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