Hidden Path Entertainment’s Defense Grid: The Awakening will be released on Xbox Live on September 2. The Xbox Live Arcade will sell the game for 800 MS points ($1o), so gamers who are a fan of tower defense games will want to mark their calendar. A unique spin on tower defense games, it will appeal to gamers of all skill levels and features beautiful environments, spectacular effects and a cool soundtrack. Each tower has special attacks and different properties which can be combined to win the game. There are 10 different tower types which have unique tradeoffs with their abilities and can be upgraded twice. The game’s story play is approximately 10 hours, over the course of which 15 types enemies are encountered across 24 different environments. There are also 100 unlockable challenge modes. New to the Xbox 360 is the included Borderlands mission pack which has four new advanced levels and twelve challenge modes which enhance gameplay. Be sure to check out the trailer on the Defense Grid website.

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