The MTV Video Music Awards will be returning to their home at Radio City Music Hall this September. Russell Brand will be hosting for the second year in a row, introducing nominees like Britney Spears (who won Video of the Year last year), Kanye West, and Kings of Leon. Amongst the new faces this year will be rising starlet Anjulie who has been nominated for Breakthrough Video for her debut single “Boom”. Anjulie talked about the nomination, getting on MTV and how randy Russell Brand is in a recent phone interview with Blast.

“I was doing a morning television show in Toronto, when the Adria [Petty] the director called me and said we were nominated” Anjulie recalled about finding out she was nominated, “I told my manager and he said, “ËœThere’s no way’. So we checked online and there it was.”

“Boom”, which hit #1 on the Billboard dance chart, is the first single from Anjulie’s full length album, “Anjulie”, which hit stores August 4. Anjulie says the concept for the video developed naturally between her and Petty.

“We met together and just brought in our collective ideas. We picked the same magazines, the same art styles. We are very similar creatively I guess” said Anjulie.

The video begins with Anjulie walking a tight-rope before it snaps, sending Anjulie crawling through a Salvador Dali meets Alice in Wonderland type universe. Each shot captures a vibrant and animated display, from the little vs huge room Anjulie tumbles into from the tight rope to the “rolling ocean” from which she sends a message in a bottle. “Boom” showcases Petty and Anjulie’s technique for artistic flare. Petty also directed Anjulie’s second video that will premiere soon.

Anjulie’s relationship with MTV started long before the nomination was announced. The Hills producer John Carr discovered Anjulie before she had finished recording the album. He put one of her songs on the hit reality show and soon thousands were asking how to get a hold of Anjulie songs.

“(Carr) put it on the show and we started getting tons of requests online and on People messaged me on my Myspace asking me how they could hear the songs and get them. Then they put me on the Freshman Five and started playing the video. It just went from there” Anjulie said.

The song also appeared in an episode of The City and the video has been put into regular rotation on both MTV and VH1. Anjulie is sharing real-estate in the Breakthrough Video category with indie heavyweights Death Cab for Cutie and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. When asked if she would be preparing an acceptance speech just in case of a win, Anjulie said she isn’t expecting anything.

“I don’t think anyone knows about me, as far as the voting public is concerned. I am probably the lowest profile artist on there. So I am really not expecting to win – I won’t be writing an acceptance speech” she said.

Anjulie will definitely be attending the ceremony in early September though and is hoping for a chance to meet no-holds-barred host and comedian Russell Brand.

“You know who I’m excited to meet? Russell Brand. I think he’s really hot” Anjulie confessed. “I have seen all his stand-up. I am like a Youtube stalker of him – he’s hilarious.”

The awards will air on Sunday, September 13 at 9 p.m. on MTV. Be sure to check them out and look for the new Breakthrough Artist, Anjulie.

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