Quick thought.

I’m on vacation right now in England, currently staying across the University of Oxford, the alma mater of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair is currently at the center of some controversy surrounding the reason behind the Lockerbie bomber’s recent release.

During a tour this morning I was reminded of an interesting fact. For those who don’t know, Blair, during his days at Oxford, co-founded, sang and played guitar for a band called the Ugly Rumours. Quite ironic that now he himself is the subject of some “ugly rumours” that may just prove to be true.

Those rumors, that Blair’s administration negotiated a deal with Libya to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi in exchange for access to Libyan oil, are at this point not based on any hard factual evidence.

Blair and Britain have denied any such deal.

I’m sure Blair, while imitating Mick Jagger on stage at Oxford, never thought such an irony would arise.

End thought.

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