Love that unique alt/progressive/symphonic/space rock sound only Muse can deliever? If so, you’ll be happy to learn Matt Bellamy, lead singer/songwriter for the act will have his digital likeness in Activision’s latest music game as a fully rockable character.

In an interview with Yahoo! discussing the project and the motion-capture experience, Bellamy stated:

“It’s pretty bizarre, actually. I thought they made me look a little more muscley than in reality! But I’m sure that’s just part of the marketing or something. It was good fun to do, actually. I had to wear a sort of silly spandex costume with little weird ping-pong balls stuck all over my body, and basically just make a fool of myself in front of a room full of people. But it was all good, all good!”

Bellamy is joining the late Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain, as well as the very well still alive and breathing Carlos Santana as characters making digital appearances in Activision’s latest. That’s some damn good company if you ask me. Congrats!

Guitar Hero 5 releases next Tuesday, September 1 across all major platforms and Muse’s “Plug-In Baby,” will surely test your fingers and fill your ears with sonorous enjoyment.

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