Michael Jackson’s personal doctor finds himself at the center of a homicide — and not an accidental death — investigation, the Associated Press reports.

Police told the AP that the Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide, making it likely that criminal charges will follow.

Michael Jackson died as a result of a fatal combination of anethetics and sedatives taken hours before his June 25 death.

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, is the target of a manslaughter probe, the AP reported.

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  1. Bob

    MJ killed himself a long time ago. He hated the fact that he was black and he hated living in his own skin. His money/wealth provided him with the resources to do anything he wanted…and it killed him. He literally purchased death and now his family is looking t5o blame everyone but MJ!

  2. becky

    No matter what he did, he did not deserve to die….”he could not” give himself this medication! thats it on that! these doctors need to held accountable!

  3. Lily Strange

    It was irresponsible of the doctor to give Jackson a powerful medication normally used only in operating rooms and even more irresponsible to leave him unattended while on this medication. Medical professionals need to be held accountable for their actions. It seems to me that this doctor’s motivation was greed. He should never be allowed to practice medicine again.

  4. Michael RIP

    Anyway, bad enough Dr. M. gave the Propofol to MJ, but the fact that he didn’t have the correct monitoring devices enacted shows gross incompetence, and likely manslaughter. RIP MJ


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