Madden 10 will soon be available on the App Store for the iPhone and iTouch. Combining the realistic game play of the Madden series with the mobility of the iPhone, Madden 10 mobile will be a big hit with fans of the series. With a packed roster and special attention to graphics and details, the game is loaded full of special features so as to deliver as much of an experience as the console versions of the game. The iPhone version also allows you to adjust the speed of your game to allow you to pick the best moves for each play. Gamers can use the touch controls to draw hot routes for passing plays. You have full control over huge free agent pools and cross team trading. The best part is that you can choose to play a quick game or play a whole season with in depth trades, states and player rewards (all the while listening to John Madden, Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth provide commentary on the game).‚  This will ensure that Madden 10 will be the sports game of the season. Here are some screen caps from Madden 10 mobile.

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  1. Technorotic

    madden 10 is one of the best games I ever found, I love only few apps on app store one is Vopium – a mobile voip, jailbreak, google voice – alas it is not available now, anyways now madden is added in my list.


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