Gamepot Inc. is releasing it’s second North American game, Bright Shadow, an MMORPG which heavily focuses on a personalized experience for it’s players. Their characters and monsters are collectively known as the Umbra, and while they will not be changed for the US release, Gamepot is localizing and adapting Bright Shadow with updated story lines, exclusive new items, and new systems for character customization. The game places a heavy emphasis on combat and social interaction which will easily be understood by casual gamers and hardcore players alike. Bright Shadow is scheduled for a release in the Fall with closed beta starting soon. The game will be free to play for anyone interested but there will be a store to purchase certain game items which will be established further down the line. If you are interested in learning more about the game, or wish to sign up for the Beta trial, visit their website!

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  1. Vincent

    so what is the exact date cos i really want to play and i have played on the taiwan server

  2. David Smail

    An exact release date has not been confirmed, but if you visit their website you might be able to get into their Beta testing.


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