Yesterday at GamesCom 2009 in Cologne, Germany, the head of the “Fable” development team, Peter Molyneux, announced what we all were expecting, a third installment in the storied Fable franchise, Fable III.

Set to launch sometime in 2010, Fable III, will again be a Microsoft exclusive, and will contain a new game mechanic, one that departs from the norm, and delves into the unknown, and one that has Blast particularly excited.

If you played the final piece of DLC for Fable 2, “See the Future,” you should have already sensed rumblings of a new direction, as a “new ruler need rise” was the final bit.

Molyneux confirmed that direction as he unveiled that players will not become a hero, rather that they’ll begin their lives as a son/daughter of a hero, and tirelessly strive to become ruler of the land. The first half of the game will have players attempting to dethrone a merciless tyrant by forming alliances, gaining followers, and uniting factions. And as you probably guessed, in true Fable style, your actions WILL have moral reprecussions.

Furthermore, the kind of silly emote mechanic of Fable 2 has been eschewed, (as you are now the ruler and farting in public would not be proper) in favor of what Molyneux calls “Touch.” Touch allows gamers to hug, shake hands, embrace and even give someone a full-on good “snogging.”

As a big Fable fan I like how this game sounds thus far, but we are talking about Peter Molyneux here, the king of hype. For now, enjoy this albeit only voice over, trailer, and let us know what you think!

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