logitech_mouse_2Logitech has announced a rather nifty new technology that allows you to use precise laser tracking mice of glass surfaces, something that until now has frustrated many an owner of IKEA’s Billsta glass top desk. The Logitech Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX will allow you to use your mouse on practically any surface.

Most laser mice work by reading the many tiny imperfections in a surface”"wood and plastic are absolutely full of them. Glass, however, tends to be much smoother, and you sand the glass, laser tracking mice just flat out will not work. Logitech’s new darkfield technology works by viewing the glass as a, well, dark field, and tracks the tiny minute imperfections on the surface of the glass as little bright spots. By tracking these spots, the mouse will be able to function where no mouse previously would.

logitech_mouse_1The wireless mouse also comes with a tiny “unifying” USB receiver that also works with other Logitech devices, a micro-USB cord for recharging the batteries in the mouse even during use, and their fancy new “hyper scrolling mode“ that we’ve seen on their other mice. Retailing for $100 and $80 respectively, the Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX will be available this month.

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