Word on the street – and Boston.com – is that Ashley Judd will be attending Harvard for their Mid-Career Master in Public Administration program.

How word even got out, though, is pretty astounding. Judd asked Harvard for high levels of security and privacy. Robin Engel, director of the program, e-mailed an explanation of he precuations to other Harvard employees. Police will be present during coffee breaks, a privacy block has been put on Judd’s records, and staff have been told to deter any media questions.

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  1. anonymous

    Ashley does not belong at Harvard. She’s a fake and cares only about herself, certainly not human rights. What an embarrassment!!! A spoiled bitch. This could have gone to someone more deserving and certainly someone who reads more books than her. Three bow wows.

  2. anonymous

    A fake liberal from the backwoods of Kentucky who decided she wanted to go to Harvard. I don’t believe she’s a liberal or anything else. Ashley finished her college degree from University of Kentucky in 2007. That whole Palin thing was a stunt for publicity to look like a northeastern intellectual and liberal. Uh. No Ashley! We don’t believe you!!! We were previously led to believe she had a degree in French in 1990. She lacked 27 hours which is 2-3 semesters short. Significant. Did she go back to school to study and sit in classes for a year and a half like the other graduating students. I doubt it. That degree is not worth the paper it’s printed on. What a fraud. She does not belong at Harvard. It’s a disgrace. She turned the Kennedy School of Public Affairs into a continuing ed. certificate program. for spoiled ass rich girls. I bet she divorces her husband too. Terrible actress!! Shame on Harvard.


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