This is just how much smaller the PS3 Slim is than the original PS3. You’ll find “Slim” is a quite fitting description of the new model.

Also, anyone else think the hunk of hardware is pretty unnatractive? Even if I had a few too many, this little lady wouldn’t be able to get me going. But I’m still buying one.

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  1. from ca

    omg, the ps3 is just looking fab. the pilates and macrobiotics must be working wonders. you go girl! show off those non-curves!

  2. Dr. Zee

    I have the older PS3 80gb with the emulated backwards compatibility.

    I think the older PS3 is till much more sexier than the new. Looks like Sony wanted to bring the PS3 to the masses by cutting costs where ever they could.

    The power consumption is way less in the new slim. Wish I had that but I still prefer my

    4 USB Ports
    Memory card slots
    Backward compatibiliy
    Shiny Plastic

    Sorry Slim:(

  3. HLN

    The Slim is much better looking. It has a futuristic look to it. Also it looks like Apple design team designed it. Very simple, minimalist classy look. It has Steve Jobs style written all over it. Love love the new look.

    I ordered one because of the reduce in power consumption. This means, hopefully, less heat that I finally can use my home central heating to heat my bedroom in the winter :). Oh, less fan noise ofcourse.

    Great job Sony. This is why Apple is still fearing Sony designs.


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