Hopefully you’ve been saving your Nintendo points, because this week’s Nintendo download has a few games which are worth dishing out a few bucks for. The highlight of the release is Nintendo’s release of “The Revenge of Shinobi”, the sequel to the classic Sega Genesis game. Musashi the ninja returns to put an end to Neo Zeed and his criminal empire before they take control of the world. Easily one of the most difficult and entertaining games I’ve played in a while. “The Revenge of Shinobi” is available via the Virtual Console.

Brain Age Express: Sudoku is now available for everyone who loves to play Sudoku in their free time. With three difficulty levels, and the low price of 500 Nintendo points, it’s too good an offer to pass up.

Guitar Rock Tour is sure to be the portable solution for Rock Band or Guitar Hero addicts. Using the touch screen, play as a guitarist or drummer to your favorite classic songs. Easy entertainment for long car rides for all DSi owners.

Nintendo has also released two family titles as WiiWare: Picture book Games: Pop-Up Pursuit and Family Slot Car Racing. Pop-Up Pursuit is a board game set in a picture book, which will keep young children occupied for hours. Family Slot Car Racing is a basic racing game for the family, with three circuit levels and loads of unlockable content.

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