Madden NFL 10 is now available in stores nationwide. The latest entry to the football franchise will be available on Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PS3 and the PSP. We will soon have a review of the game on the website so keep coming back to find out what we thing about the game. Until we post our review however, feel free to comment below on your thoughts.

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  1. Trevor

    I’m at work, but im picking up Madden on my lunch break for ps3, and i preordered it so i got to try it out with the cardinals against the steelers and the graphics are better than last year, plus the game simulation seems more real. can’t wait to play online tonight!

  2. Laura

    Hi All –

    Something you may be interested in: a law firm I work for has filed suit against EA over its Madden game and alleged monopoly on the football gaming industry.

    If you’ve purchased any Madden games from Aug. 2005 until present you are eligible to join the suit –

    Basically, the suit says EA pushed competitors out of the market once it signed exclusive agreements with the NFL, NCAA and others.

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