Most of the Big Brother houseguests were shocked with this week’s twist. Natalie and Jessie’s alliance was left in disbelief has the two were put up on the nomination block. Jeff used his Coup d’etat power to take Lydia and Russell off the block. The houseguests were forced to vote out either Jessie or Natalie on the spot. With a vote of 3 to 2, Jessie, the 23-year-old bodybuilder from California was evicted. He will become the first member of the seven-person jury that will choose the winner of Big Brother 11.

Jessie seemed to suspect the end was near for him. As he was nominated, he ripped off his shirt revealing another shirt that read “The man, the myth, the legend”. However, the two-time Big Brother loser didn’t appear mad at Jeff as he told Julie “It was the best move for him”. Jessie lasted one week longer than he did last season.

Chima, the outgoing head of household was allowed to participate in this week’s H.O.H competition, since her power had been taken away by the Coup d’etat. The houseguests had to square off against each other and answer questions about past competitions. In the end, it came down to Michelle and Kevin. Michelle answered correctly, becoming head of household for the first time this season.

Michelle has been known as a wildcard inside the house, so there’s no telling which way she’ll be swayed. But one thing’s for sure, next week is another important week in the house. Julie Chen told the viewers that there’ll be a double elimination next week during the live show.

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