ZEN Pinball, the 3D pinball game which has been a hit on the PS3, will be receiving its first expansion pack on August 20, 2009. The expansion will be a Street Fight II Tribute table and will be available through the Playstation Network.

The new table will allow players to experience the arcade thrills of a realistic pinball experience combined with the awesomeness of the Street Fighter franchise. The soundtrack, sound effects and voices used for the expansion come straight from Street Fighter II. As you use the various ramps and orbit shots, you can fight through the World Warrior Championship until you beat M. Bison himself! This add on is a must have for fans of Street Fighter as well as anyone looking to have a more interesting round of Pinball on the PS3.

For more information, check out Capcom’s site for Street Fighter info and ZEN Pinball’s website for more information on their game.

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