For those of you who will be going on the hunt to purchase Madden NFL 10 at midnight, I suggest going to Walmart. Walmart is twisting things up so that you can enjoy the release of the manliest sports game on the planet and keep your girlfriend happy, albeit slightly neglected. Walmart is setting up a flower station in the Electronics department so that men who purchase the game can also buy a dozen roses for their significant other. Since many of you will be playing this game religiously, I strongly recommend getting something for the lady to hold her over in between each game. Also, to appease your loved ones you may want to pick up a razor from Walmart while you’re at it so that when you finish playing, you can look good for all your loved ones (or hide the fact that your main focus was the game and not appearance). So get up with “Madden Madness” and get with the program! Walmart is not only willing to keep your girlfriend and looks maintained, they are even willing to go the extra step and maintain your tough talk for when you’re with friends and playing online. Check out the video that will teach you to talk like a pro.

Now, if you can’t make it to the event, there is still hope for you to get the game quickly. While we can’t guarantee loss of girlfriend or looks, we can guarantee that you’ll get a $10 eGiftcard to Walmart if you buy a copy of the game (eCards available while supplies last). So what are you waiting for? GO GET A COPY.

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David is sophomore at Boston College. He writes for the video game section and loves movies, television and music too.

2 Responses

  1. Mike

    “so that when you finish playing, you can look food for all your loved ones”

    Yeah, I suppose you will look like food, a vegetable.

    Don’t promote wal-mart please.

  2. David Smail

    haha, my bad. I wrote it at 1 a.m. (my time at the moment :/)

    Walmart is doing something special for the release of Madden 10, so we wrote about it. It isn’t meant to be as much of a promotion, just a funny take on the news.

    do you not like walmart?


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