EA announced that it is collaborating with several lifestyle brands to create exclusive in-game car designs and artwork for Need for Speed Nitro for the Wii. Upper Playground, I am 8-bit and tokidoki have teamed up with EA to produce custom skins for a wide variety of vehicles and over 140 stylistic

Brushes that players can paint with to personalize their ride. This makes Need for Speed Nitro a racing game with style, personality and a clearly defined edge (especially when compared to other lackluster racing games).

The tokidoki brand is one of the most popular lines of apparel and accessories among other merchandise. It is an internationally celebrated brand used to represent the world’s “sometimes” views on identity and destiny.

Upper Playground is a creative lifestyle brand that brings the graffiti culture to the people. Their contemporary art style has made it one of the hottest brands among tastemakers and trendsetters.

I am 8-bit is an artistic collective that allows over 100 artists to reinterpret their favorite old-school video game characters over several different artistic mediums. They showcase their annual exhibition in LA every year since 2005.

The partnership creates a variety of ways to customize their vehicles, introducing fresh and urban styles which have never been seen in racing games. Need for Speed Nitro is developed specifically for Wii and Nintendo DS. The game will be shipped on November 17, 2009.

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