Rockstar Leeds, the team behind Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars today nailed down a September 29 release date for their music modulation web app turned PSN and PSP title Beaterator.

Rockstar launched the real-time music sampler and sequencer in 2005, and after a more than welcome acceptance of the tool and determined support by famous rap artist Timbaland, Beaterator is now, at least as Rockstar believes, worthy of the PSP and PSN markets.

“Beaterator is a very natural progression for us” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “Music is incredibly important to us here at Rockstar, and we believe that there are many people out there who share that passion and will be excited about creating music of their own.”

“I’ve worked closely with Rockstar Games to make something completely unique” said Timbaland. “Beaterator is like taking my music studio and turning it into a suite of tools anyone can use. We can’t wait to hear the beats people make and share with the world.”

Hop on over to the Beaterator page to try your hand right now, or simply watch the game’s debut trailer below.

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