Tecmo has just announced that that Family Fun Football will be released in September. The game, designed for the Nintendo Wii, is an arcade-style casual sports game that everyone can enjoy. ‚ The game is designed to appeal to all ages and with easy to use controls.

The game features are surprisingly simple. A coaching playbook allows everyone to learn and play the game, while power-ups enhance a player’s attributes. These allow for increases in speed, strength, passing and interceptions for a limited amount of time so that you can gain momentum in the game. You can even unlock and load your own Mii characters from the Wii console into the game so that you can make it a more personal experience. The characters available to choose from include animals, ninjas, pirates, aliens and robots, among others.

There are numerous ways to enjoy the game as well. If you want to just jump right into the game, there’s a Quickplay option which allows up to four players to play two-on-two football. There is also a Season option which allows you to play against various teams through a nine game season. There’s also a Tournament option which allows you to lead your team through a double elimination tournament to see who the best team is.

Family Fun Football will be released on September 29, 2009.

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