Olivia Munn is smokin’ hot, but she is also a nerd-icon for lovers of tech, gaming, and pop-culture and today she’s offering aspiring film-makers the opportunity to have her star in their Star Wars themed geeky motion picture.

If you want to get up close and personal with Olivia you’ll want to craft a top tier pitch video, submit it to this contest page, and pray to the gods of sexiness that Olivia finds it “appropriately geeky.”

Should she enjoy your pitch and choose to greenlight the production, you’ll earn a $5,000 production budget andhave 6 hours of shooting time with Olivia, so make sure Chewy knows his lines and Leia has her hair fixed properly before you start filming!

The contest stops accepting entries September 3, so grab your friends, put your heads together, and pitch an idea to Olivia before it’s too late!


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