Able Planet unveiled a new high-fidelity multimedia headset for BC gamers that is safer during playback while continuing to provide the optimal gaming experience. Able Planet’s new PS500MM delivers quality audio and easy control for volume and microphone functionality.

The technology embedded in the PS500MM can preserve hearing loss by allowing users to lower the volume while still preserving the full and rich sound of the audio. It is based on the company’s breakthrough micro-technology which was developed for people with mild to severe hearing loss. It’s ideal for heavy PC users and Gamers alike. The noise cancellation technology improves sound clarity while the lightweight device makes it easy to carry around. It ships with a USB wireless adapter and comes with two 3.5 mm jacks to extend the compatibility of the PS500MM.

Able Planet has won over 20 awards for their patented LINX AUDIO technology and will have this headset available in mid-December and it will retail for $ 99.00. It is just another of the many ways which Able Planet has devoted themselves to keeping ourselves safe from the adverse health effects of listening to music and gaming for extended periods of time.

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