When Guitar Hero 5 launches in less than month on the first of September, not only will faux-rockers enjoy the game’s 85 on-disc tunes, but also the ability to import most of World Tour’s DLC, and some of the core tracks from previous installments, Smash Hits and World Tour.

According to Activision, 152 of World Tour’s 158 DLC tracks will play, after a minor patch, as fast as you can say “let’s rock!”, and “some” tracks from World Tour and Smash Hits will also make themselves available after a “a small charge to cover the licensing costs of using these songs from the original game.” Think the $5 fee Harmonix charged for the same service for Rock Band, only probably more, as we are talking about Activision here.

Oh, so I’ll just borrow World Tour and transfer all the songs to Guitar Hero 5!! Awesome! Hold on there, Activision is smarter than that. Straight from the gaping mouth of Activison: “To import the songs, you will need a 20 digit Unique Owner ID that is printed on the back of the manual of the game you are importing from.”

This news, coupled with the publisher’s even more flattering gift we revealed earlier today, are strong statements for where Activison hopes to take the Guitar Hero brand name into the future. Now we sit and wait for these endeavors to either fail, or rescue the game from the rocketing popularity of the Rock Band universe.

Guitar Hero 5 interview @ IGN

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