Risen, the seemingly ambitious, yet ultimately secretive RPG from publisher Deep Silver and developer Piranha Byte’s got a whole lot more interesting today as the publisher revealed that Andy Serkis and Rhys Davies will lend their voices to the game as lead roles.

Names don’t sound familiar to you? How about Gollum and Gimli from the Lords of the Rings film trilogy? Ahh, there we are.

Serkis will play the role of “The Inquisitor” and Davies will surrender his voice to bring “Don Esteban” to digital life in Risen, but, as is par for the course with Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes, that’s all we know so far.

But wait, ever watch the television Terminator spin-off “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”? If so you’ll be delighted to learn Lena Heady, Sarah from the show, will play the role of Patty in the upcoming game.

Look for Risen exclusively on Xbox 360 and Windows PC October 5.

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