Forbes Magazine today reported that video game publishing giant Activision’s boss, Robert Kotick took home close to $15 million in the year 2008 for his work and faithful overseeing of some of your favorite games.

Activision is behind some of the world’s most popular and money-making franchises including all things Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, so a gargantuan compensation rate for the executive is not wholly unexpected, but fascinating nonetheless.

Say what you want about the 46 year-old and his business tactics, but since 1991, the year Kotick took over as CEO and Chairman, the company has done damn well for itself and its constituents.

Thirsting for exact figures? GamaSutra reports: “The precise amount is reportedly $14,950,102.00, just $899,560 of which is his actual salary. Millions in options and incentives plus a $5 million bonus combines to comprise the total year’s earnings.”


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  1. wow accounts

    Wow. So all of those Guitar Hero franchises did pay-off. As a consumer, I still think that Activision’s refusal to just provide us with more DLCs as a poor business decision that is bound to destroy good will. I wonder if there’ll be some sort of consumer backlash once more people get a hold of these numbers…

  2. Eddie Makuch

    No backlash required as the DLC for Guitar Hero games is pretty fantastic, but altogether looks like crap compared to Rock Band.

    Have you had a look at the Guitar Hero III or World Tour DLC options?

    First off, there have been two triple packs of songs available for free, and they are some of the most fun songs in the game, provided you enjoy the reggae and metal genres.

    Beyond that, where Rock Band goes for quantity, it seems that Guitar Hero goes for quality and has some extremely great exclusives, including remixes to the James Bond and Halo 3 themes, the latter is also available for free.

    There are 158 in total in World Tour alone and you’d do well to give them a look before you shrug off the brand


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