Electronic Arts today announced that Chicago Fire midfielder Cuauhtƒ©moc Blanco, Chivas USA attacking midfielder Sacha Kljestan, and the dynamic wonder-boy from Chelsea, Frank Lampard are your 2010 cover dudes for the perennial powerhouse, FIFA ’10, at least in North America.

As a United States citizen, and an avid fan of football, or soccer, as I’m forced to call it here, I simply cannot wait for FIFA ’10, as this is the year, the year of the World Cup. And with U.S. player, Kljestan on the cover, maybe, the stars have aligned and we’ll make a deep run at it!

FIFA ’10 is due out this October for home consoles.

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  1. sky.calen

    You aren’t forced to call it ‘soccer’ here in the states. I call it football and that’s that.

    Oh, but when I say the Chelsea take on AC Milan in Maryland in July 2009. I understood the difference of calling it Soccer and Football. In the USA, you’ll have teams from all around the USA and the World sitting right by each other. You can literally find in one row, Milan then Inter Milan then Roma then Barca then Real then ManU then Liverpool then ManC and Spurs sitting next to West Ham fans. It’s BULLSHIT. That’s the difference between the Soccer Mentality and the Football Mentality. you won’t get that from people who call it Football.

    Call me an asshole, I was insult every other team that walked up the aisle in some other kit other than Chelsea IN THE CHELSEA SECTION.

    Football, American football and that final series in the MLB is “The USA + 1 Canadian City Series” 😉


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