It was the most explosive week yet of Big Brother 11. After the cliques were broken up, alliances began to fall apart and people began showing their true colors. The athletes dominated the first endurance head of household competition. Russell and Jeff were the last two remaining house guests in the competition, taking the opportunity to form an alliance. Russell agreed if he won, he would keep Jeff and Jordon safe from nomination and promised revenge against Ronnie. Standing by his word, Russell nominated Lydia and Ronnie for eviction.

During week four, tension was high in the big brother house and arguments ensued after the nomination ceremony. Russell let his paranoia get the best of him and began accusing house guests of scheming against him. His suspicions caused an explosive fight between him and Chima, causing former allies to become enemies.

Neuroscientist Michelle began to show her intelligence this week in the game. She won the power of veto for the second time in two weeks. This week she chose not to use her power and kept the nominations. Ronnie attempted to get some sympathy votes but in the end , he left the house with a 4 to 3 vote.

And it was a special week for one of the house guests in particular. Millions of Americans voted to give one of the players the coup d’etat. This is a special power that allows them to overthrow the head of household and chose their own nominees. Jeff proved to be one of America’s favorite house guests and was chosen. He is the only person in the house who knows what the power is and who has it. Although he had a chance to save Lydia and Ronnie, he chose to remain silent during the live eviction night. He will have one more chance next week to change the course of the game and use his power. Watch next week to find out if he’ll overthrow the current head of household, Chima.

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