Initial reports said that “pitch man” Billy Mays died of heart disease. Today, the Associated Press reported that the 50-year-old’s autopsy showed evidence of cocaine use.

The medical examiner’s office released a statement saying it was “concluded that cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and thereby contributed to his death.”

His family expressed disbelief and said they were “extremely disapointed” that the results of the autopsy were publicized. They too released a statement, saying, “We were totally unaware of any non-prescription drug usage and are actively considering an independent evaluation of the autopsy results.”

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  1. Alexander Dombroff

    I still miss Billy Mays! I saw an infomercial last night for Sham Wow! and reminded me how sad it is.

  2. Alexander Dombroff

    I saw an infomercial last night for Oxi Clean! and reminded me how much I miss him!


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