Generally, I try not to validate Jon and Kate Gosselin by discussing their various debacles, but when Joan Rivers gets involved, it gets good.

At a party for her TV Land show, “How’d You Get So Rich?,” Rivers had a statement for Page 6 on Jon Gosselin:

“I’m disgusted with him. Here’s a guy with eight kids who runs off to ‘find himself’ – well, he should have found himself a condom.”

Sure, some people are likely to accuse her of suggesting the children should never have been born, but that interpretation misses the target. The point is, if he wanted a free-wheeling bachelor life, he probably shouldn’t have had one child, let alone eight.

Well said, Joan.

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Ashley Dean is a Blast staff writer

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  1. Denise

    Jon was happy with just the twins, that skank Kate insisted on more kids.
    He says he isn’t physically capable of having more,

    • sacha

      they agreed to 1 more child but the got six and kate is not the skank she doesn’t go sleeping around like jon

  2. Nonna

    Oh, Kate is a skank, believe it. Everything she does in front of the camera is a show. Most of the viewers believe it because they are basically brain dead after watching this stupid show for years. She is loving this part of the scandal because the light is now shown on Jon and she is playing to the cameras for all she is worth.
    Jon gave her all the ammunition she needed and she is reloading and shooting over and over again. All of a sudden she is this loving mother….yeah, right.

  3. Alyson

    Actually, Ashley, you are misinterpretting the joke.

    The kids were not conceived by sexual intercourse, so a condom would not have helped. She was most definitely not referring to the conception of the children. She is making a joke about how his recent journey to “find himself” has really been more finding a new girlfriend to sleep with each day. So, she is saying that more important than finding himself right now, he needs to be finding a condom for STD purposes, given his sleeping around.

    Joan was not implying that he should not have become a father. Although it is clear now that he was a better one when Kate was around to control his inner slimeball, and it is increasingly clear on why Kate was forced to be so controlling.

  4. Jen

    Alyson – I have to agree with Ashley. Joan said “should have,” as in, he should have found a condom in the past. If she had just said “should,” then your interpretation would make more sense.

  5. Mmags1

    Denise and Nonna have it right on the money. Jon might not be using the best judgement right now, but what can’t be ignored, is that no matter how Jon has chosen to celebrate his escape from that troll Kate, he loves those kids and always has. All Kate has ever seen those kids as,is a meal ticket. It’s a chore for her to even be around her 3 “icky” (as Kate never lets them forget) boys.

    The powers that be at TLC are promoting Kate and her agenda as much as they can, because they want the same thing that she wants, and that is for “the show to go on”. Jon wanted out of the show 2 years ago, but Kate (being the ever controlling, greedy shrew that she is) would have no part of it. And then she had the gall to say in interviews that she never saw this coming??!!!

    Anyone who buys into her new “attitude”, needs to take a serious look at their own life. The only “new” things about Kate are her boobs and her tummy tuck. Come on people….. Wake up and smell the poser.

  6. Rita

    I am so sick of this drama. I used to like this show but now I will not and can not watch it. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Between TLC seeking ratings and Jon and Kate both acting like greedy, selfish children I think the American people are being played for fools. It was all a lie! Don’t you get it. The wedding in Hawaii ….oh pleeeze!..This is a “real people” soap opera…designed to hook people in…Gave up the soaps in High School..I really do hope this runs it’s course and we don’t have to hear about this family anymore. My best to the children..they deserve better than Daddy out doing everyone and mommy setting herself up to be with the bodyguard…come on! pleeeeeze!

  7. Julie

    You people that bash Kate are stupid. People are responsible for THEIR own actions. While kate is repsonsible for her words and the way she acts Jon is responsible for the way he behaves. It took 2 people to create those 8 children. Kate may have yeared for just 1 more baby but Jon agreed to going in and trying. The way Jon talks now and behaves now shows that he isn’t just unhappy being married but he’s unahappy being daddy and he’s unhappy aging. Which Sorry to say is a fact of life. Hel oves those kids. Yes he does. But he also wants his freedom to run around and behave foolishly. Once you have kids that ship sails. You no longer get the choice of putting yourself 1st before the needs of your children. Your children’s needs are always 1st!!!! For those of you who say Kate doesn’t love her kids. She hugs them, she kisses them, She loves on them all the time. The cameras aren’t on all the time. You see what TLC thinks sells. We keep going back week after week because it’s interesting. Jon is greedy, just as greedy if you think Kate is. Believe me that the paparazzi is taling kate every bit as much as Jon. Why do you suppose they don’t show her trapsing around with different men? Why do you suppose Jon is shown with different women all the time? Why do you suppose that it was Jon’s indescretions that were the 1st to hit the tabloids? Because while Kate might be crude or truthful nobody deserves to have their spouse step out on them. Nobody! No child deserves to stand in the super market line and see daddy holding the hand of numerous women, hanging on women or running off to the French Riviera while he is still married to mommy.

  8. Mmags1

    Julie: Kate did not just “yearn for one more child”. Somewhere in the first 2 seasons of the show, Kate stated (on camera) that she was told by her fertility specialist that she should wait at least 6 weeks to try and conceive. She was warned that her ovaries were “hyper-stimulated” and that any attempts to conceive, would absolutely result in multiples. Yet, she chose to go ahead and try anyway. She actually admitted that she was too impatient to wait, and that they “tried” that very same night. This woman is a liscensed practical nurse! She knew exactly what she was doing!

    What baffles me, are the number of people who are jumping on the bandwagon, to use Jon’s poor judgement to justify Kate’s constant humiliation of him over the course of their marriage. The way Kate treats people, including her husband and children, is abusive. There is no justifiable excuse for emotional abuse. All you have to do is watch the last 4 and a half seasons of the show to plainly see the abuse.

    She told Jon to stop breathing in one “couch interview”! She advised her children to ignore what their father said, because he was “mean”. She had her 4 year old son in complete hysterics, repeatedly threatening to throw his security blanket in the garbage, because there was a dime-sized piece of gum on it. She took her children to a bakery and went insane when the staff offered to let them decorate cupcakes. She put one of her 4 year old sons on the laundry room floor, so she wouldn’t have to wash his comforter if he vomited again. (Thank God Jon came home and put him in their bed when he found out) The list of her abusive behaviors could fill this entire blog and a few more as well.

    I don’t care how many girlfriends Jon has. His poor judgement doesn’t even remotely compare to Kate’s bullying, controlling, manipulative behavior. He has never treated his children, or Kate for that matter, the way she treats everyone she comes in contact with. Kate is a textbook narcissist, and she needs psychological help. Some day those kids are going to walk away from her and never look back. And all of the camping and grilling and whatever other attempts Kate is trying to make to look better, won’t be enough to change that.


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