If someone hurt the one you love, how far would you go to get revenge? Wes Craven’s reimagining of “Last House on the Left” was terrifying enough in theaters, but the unrated version that is going to hit DVDs August 18 shows footage to frightening to be shown in theaters… And of course Blast is going to help get your hands on it before everyone else can.

We have 10 copies of “Last House on the Left” to give away to some lucky winners. Just share with us in the comment section from your registered account the most terrifying moment that you have ever experienced, and the 10 scariest stories will win a free DVD.

This contest ends August 14, so make sure to leave your comment before then for a chance to win!

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Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.

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  1. daveshere

    This happened two summers ago while visiting friends in Georgia.

    My friends and I were driving on our way home from a concert. We decided that it would be fun to drive through the back roads to order to appreciate the scenic route. We made it a few miles off the road before our car stalled. This car had never stalled before, so we were concerned that it might have broken down. My friend Jimmy went out to check the engine while Caroline, Shaun and I stayed in the car. While Jimmy was examining the engine, I glanced over to the woods outside and saw what seemed like a jagged rock. And I noticed a sickly white thing I mistook for a doll. But it wasn’t a doll. It looked like a cross between a human and a gremlin, with deformed features which looked like the bones in it’s forehead were trying to break out. Now, I thought I was hallucinating, perhaps a little drunk, but Caroline took one look at that thing and started screaming. We started yelling at Jimmy to get in the car as the thing started to dark toward the passenger side door. Shaun took a flashlight from the floor of the car and shined it into the thing’s face. Jimmy hit the thing away from the door with a large rock and got in the car. Before it could get back up, Jimmy had the car working and immediately hit the gas. We looked at it in the rear view mirror and saw that was trying to crawl after us. It soon gave up and crawled off the road. That was the most terrifying experience we had as a group. We refused to leave the house for a while since we were afraid we would see it again. Luckily, we never did.

  2. BostonMSG

    This happen many years ago when i was a little girl. I was walking to school and always pass these huge fields. I had to walk through them in order to get to my school. As soon as i got midway, the vines of the watermelons start wavering around in the wind. It was still very early in the morning and the sun was just rising so you can see glimpses of the rays. I started walking faster and faster as my heart started to pound.

    Then, i heard footsteps behind me… or was it to the side… not really sure but it got louder and louder. I ran as fast as could… trying to get ahead. I tripped on one of the vines and hit onto a huge watermelon and it broke and smashed all over the place. I got up and started running again.

    i can now see a shadow behind me but can’t make out who it was. the person grabbed my arm and swung me on the shoulders and ran off.

    by the tiem i was let go, i was in what look like a factory. I had something over my head but i could see shadows lurking around. I tried to move but couldn’t. My hands and legs were tied.

    After a long while, there was no one there but silence and slowly, i was able to loosen the knot and my hands were free. I toko the rope off my hands and remove the mask over my face. i took the knot off my legs. i tried to get up but felt really numb. after a few seconds i ran.. not sure where i was going but sure didn’t want to hang around to find out.

    finally i saw the field again. i ran as if i was running towards home. i hear the footsteps again, it’s closing in on me faster and fsster… i felt a hand around my waist and felt like i am being swung again.

    I WOKE UP, and was in sweat and tears…….. AHHHH!!!!

  3. Rob Rogers

    This happened many years ago, I was on my way home from my girlfriend house in Dorchester around 2am and decided to walk home which is about 3 miles to my house. Well, it was a Saturday night and I was about 1/2 mile from my house when these two guys, one jumped out from behind a tree and the other came out from the bushes and they held me up at gun point. One guy had a gun to my head and demanded me to take off my brand sneakers and the other demanded my Sony walkman, after they took my walkman and shoes they proceeded to search my pockets and took about $100 from and it was there they I found my paystub in my back pocket, they guys thought it was my paycheck an took it from me too and then ran off…so I began to walk home when I heard them yell at me that I was playing them and wanted my paycheck, thinking they were gonna kill me I ran (you can imagine how fast you can run with just socks on) they chased me until I ran into my neighbors yard and hid in the darkness, my house was well lit and they wouldve seen me run there and I ddnt want them to know where I lived. I hid for about and hour scared as ever fearing for my life. I eventually made it home safe and sound…that was my scariest moment.

  4. Yusuf Nasrullah

    As a young child accompanying his parents on a cross-continental European trip, I had the urge to get out of the car whilst passing through a beautiful pasture near Bulgaria for peeing! With soft green grass, a lovely turnstile and a wild apple tree overhead, I happily hopped in my shorts and sandals to relieve myself with my parents parking near the curb on the deserted country road. Whilst I was tending to my business, I felt a furry sensation on my left foot and tried to jerk it, thinking a soft rotten apple must have rolled onto it in the dew-laden grass, but looking down I experienced a crystalline moment of absolute terror – a densely hairy-tufted black spider with menacingly flailing legs was on my flesh…its furry abdomen pressing on the front of my foot and its eyes gleaming as if focussed on me…It was truly paralysing!!! Though I had finished and was being summoned by my father who was anxious to cover the distance before nightfall to the border, I just couldn’t move, nor scream…it was like the weight of the beastly arachnid was ‘blackmailing’ me into quite submission…just the notion of it biting me in agitation was enough to turn my blood cold. As it lolled gently off my foot and left for the grass, it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two, but for a child of fourteen, I was convinced I had just seen the precipice of Life! The madness with which I howled and ran to the car befuddled my parents and they broke into laughter as I screamed “Black spider!” thinking I was exaggerating the crisis…but to this day, spiders terrify me and the idea of proximity with an arachnid freaks me more than even entering a pit of snakes in the Amazon or bandying with the undesirables in a crime-infested New York block…truly a frightening moment on a halcyonic October ride through beautiful Bulgaria!

  5. cooliorox22

    Years ago, my older cousin was watching me while my parents were out of town. I remember it was around 6pm and I was taking a shower. The power had went out earlier and it had been out for 2 hours, which was weird because usually when we lose the power it comes back after a few seconds, 5 minutes tops. I came out of the shower and it was now dark out, on top of the power being out. I took my flashlight and managed to get changed. Then I went to find my cousin so we could eat dinner. I shouted her name, but there was no reply. It was creepy. I looked around the completely dark house with the flashlight for a few minutes when I hear bangs on the door downstairs. So, I go downstairs, it is even more creepy because on the door downstairs there is a bell on it so it keeps making more and more noise. I finally say who is it, and it was my cousin. She went to go get clothes from her car and paper towels from the boiler room and the door was locked. So, I opened the door for her and half an hour later the power went back on.

    Still, it was really creepy.

  6. Stavrelli

    I was terrified of the dark as a child because when I was little, my brothers told me that people locked in closets were claimed by the boogie man. One night, I was getting ready to go to a school dance when my older brother pushed me into the closet and locked me in. I was terrified and spent about 20 minutes crying until my dad found me. It was the worst night of my life.

  7. Blapidus

    I had a dream a few weeks ago where I was stuck in darkness. I was completely alone and suddenly, I wasn’t. A man was looking at me and said that it was coming through the darkness for me. He said that it was coming to end what was started when I was a child. I’ve spent the last few weeks worrying about what it meant. It was a terrifying experience that I haven’t quite shaken.

  8. WillMonahan

    My girlfriend once told me that she was pregnant. I spent the night scared out of my mind for my financial situation and the thought of raising a child. Then a week later she told me it wasn’t mine. I’d honestly say that was the most scared I had been my entire life. And I was only 18. It was terrifying trying to think about whether or not I was ready to be a dad, so while I was terrified out of my mind, it was definitely a learning experience for me.


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