75The first set of dominos was dated from around 1120.

The first game of Tetris was played in 1984.

So, what do you get when these two classic games are combined in 2009?‚  Puzzle Domino for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Publisher: 415 Games
Developer: 415 Games
July 14, 2009

Puzzle Domino, created by 415 Games, is a simple and addicting Tetris-esque app where the player must manipulate falling white domino blocks in order to eliminate buildups and prolong the game.‚  However, this isn’t your run of the mill Tetris game where players must make complete horizontal rows with random shapes.‚  Instead, making vertical, horizontal and diagonal combinations of three like domino numbers purges the blocks from the screen in this title.

Puzzle Domino is the definition of a simple game.‚  There are no levels.‚  Instead, it seems that this game is a mere test of addiction and endurance.‚  What’s amazing about Puzzle Domino game is that the simplicity does not take away from the replay value.‚  Instead, 415 Games takes the classic gaming approach and just leaves players with their Highest Score and the opportunity to beat it.‚  It would have been nice to see an online leaderboard for Puzzle Domino’s best players or even a top-10 Scores list for each phone, but perhaps 415 Games didn’t want to venture too far from the simple nature of the game.

The simplistic approach in Puzzle Domino can also be noticed in the gameplay.‚  To rotate the blocks, players must tap the falling domino.‚  This action will make the current item turn clockwise.‚  To move the block horizontally, just take your finger and drag the block across the screen.‚  Finally, once you have a domino positioned where you want, simply flick the block down to speed up the falling process.

There are a few different types of domino blocks that fall in the game.‚  First, there are the standard domino blocks, complete with two squares containing an assortment of dots designating the number each side represents.‚  Next are the single, randomizing blocks.‚  Instead of containing two sides with different numbers, this block is a single square that switches its number designation in rotation fashion.‚  The only way to use this block is to use careful timing and strategy.‚  If you don’t, you’ll probably end up messing up a chance to remove some squares from your screen.‚  Additionally, there are the bomb blocks.‚  This mistake-eraser is good for only one thing: eliminating squares.‚  When this block shows up, the strategy is to find the biggest and most unruly mess on your screen and slam your bomb block into it.‚  If used correctly, the bomb block can take out a large chunk of any troublesome squares.

There are certain parts of the game in which the screen gets noticeably darker and black dominos start falling.‚  When this happens, players must maneuver these blocks the same way they would the white dominos.‚  However, the dark blocks can only be used to eliminate dark blocks.‚  This adds a more difficult aspect to the game and increases the level of fun.

One of the great things about Puzzle Domino is that it is an App that loads very quickly.‚  Too often do iPhone and iPod Touch owners are burdened with slow loading Apps, which cut into crucial gaming time.‚  It’s a small detail, but one that will certainly be noticed and appreciated.

Puzzle Domino is one of those games that could easily become a big hit.‚  It’s simple, it’s fun and, above all, it’s addicting as hell.‚  The only thing holding this 415 Games creation from reaching its selling potential is the price tag.‚  It is currently selling for $1.99 when it plays more like a $0.99 title.‚  For big Tetris fans or bored gamers with some extra iMoney, Puzzle Domino makes sense for that price.‚  However, for the average iPhone or iPod Touch owner, it seems like there are cheaper options that make more sense.

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