Lindsay Lohan confirmed via Twitter that she has signed on for a role in Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” spin-off, “Machete,” the New York Daily News reported.

Rodriguez told in July, “We’re casting right now, and the script just came out great”¦ There are a lot of people we’re sending it to, big names – but nobody that we’ve signed yet. Lindsay [Lohan]’s cool. There’s actually a cool part in the movie for her – if she takes it.”

Lohan – who is back to blond again – could potentially be working with Robert De Niro and Jonah Hill as well. All things considered, it’s looking like a good career move – especially since she turned down Heather Graham’s role in “The Hangover” and her latest movie, “Labor Pains,” went straight to TV.

In the days of “The Parent Trap” and then “Mean Girls,” others in the industry saw potential in the young actress. But lately, she’s been headed for trouble and losing respect. This role has the potential to turn her career around or continue to run it into the ground. In all good faith, lets hope for the former.

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