With New York City a mere four hours away, Boston is often overlooked in the fashion department. What a shame, considering the abundance of talent in our fair city. In this new monthly column, the best of Boston’s local clothing, jewelry, handbag and shoe designers, as well as local boutiques, are showcased. NYC, eat your heart out!

Nettie Kent Jewelry — Leather, copper, silver and gold leaf bracelet — $148

Leather, Copper, Silver and Gold Leaf Bracelet

Leather, Copper, Silver and Gold Leaf Bracelet

Looking for the perfect bracelet that will go just as well with your sexy red dress as it will with jeans and a t-shirt? Look no further than Martha’s Vineyard designer Nettie Kent’s leather, copper, silver and gold leaf bracelet.

The first leather bracelet style she created, no two are ever the same. Silver is melted over copper and the flow creates a unique design each time. Kent then paints with gold leaf to highlight different areas. “The process brings me back to my roots as a painter,” she said. “It’s just a really fun and unrestricted way to use metal.”

Kent collects her leather from old belts, purses, even cowboy hats. Old copper flashing used in the jewelry is gathered from houses on the vineyard. “The sea air and salt water patinas the copper with beautiful colors and I think it looks like landscapes, almost like paintings,” said Kent, who studied painting at Hampshire College.

Blast is obsessed with the preppy leather cuff paired with the boho look of mixed metals. We guarantee compliments when you strap on this bracelet for a night, or day, on the town.

Get it now at Turtle in the South End, or visit www.nettiekent.com.

Nirva — Katya Dress — $650

Katya Dress

Katya Dress

New England winters may inspire you to wrap up in cozy cashmere, but Lexington based designer Nirva Derbekyan looked to the even harsher winters of Russia to inspire her autumn/winter 2009 collection. Weather this cold never looked so good.

The gorgeous fuchsia fabric was Derbekyan’s inspiration for the Katya dress. She also noted that the wool gabardine is perfect for manipulations, prompting her to create a bright, fun colored dress with a conversely harsh structure. “Contrary to the tailored look, I wanted to add a bit of fluidity and geometry at the same time,” Derbekyan said. She added the front drape and the movable cap sleeves to keep this unique dress in line with her signature style.

Blast is just dying to wear this dress to a formal fall event, but how special would it be for New Year’s Eve? We dare you to keep it in your closet that long.

You can buy the Katya dress when it goes on sale at Stil Boutique in the Prudential Center at the end of the month. Visit www.nirva.com to see the whole collection.

Twigs and Heather — Sterling Silver Dangle Twig Necklace — $125

Sterling Silver Dangle Twig Necklace

Sterling Silver Dangle Twig Necklace

The summer weather beckons us to enjoy nature; what better way than to put it around our necks? Twigs and Heather, headed by twin sisters Heather and Kerry Alice Collins, cast sterling silver one-of-a-kind pieces plucked right from the Atlantic Northeast.

The dangle twig necklace reminds us of playing outside in the woods as kids, but without that child-like look. The particular twig pictured is a winter twig, and the changing seasons is the twins’ biggest inspiration.

“It’s pretty amazing the subtle (and not so subtle changes) that occur in the trees year-round. Plus, the sentimental feeling that the twigs evoke in our customers is very special to us,” Heather said.

The dangle twig is a popular item, and because each necklace features a different twig, they each have their own personality. Blast thinks this necklace is the perfect gift for the nature girl or the city girl who wants to get back to her, um, roots.

Order it online at www.twigsandheather.com or www.etsy.com. You can also pick it up at Turtle in the South End and MagPie in Somerville.

Sea Bags — Medium Anchor— $110

Sea Bags Medium Anchor

Sea Bags Medium Anchor

If we were millionaires at Blast (as we someday hope to be), we would certainly own a large sailboat perfect for party cruises and romantic dinners. But, for now, we’ll happily settle for the Anchor Bag by Sea Bags of Portland, Maine (not super-local, but how could we resist?).

All the bags are made out of recycled sails, and we especially love the Anchor Bag (available in navy or red) for its ability to catch the eye of a hot sailor on leave (not yet tested, but we’re assuming).

Sea Bags are environmentally conscious and preppy at the same time, which is more than we can say for that Abercrombie model you dated.

Owned by Hannah Kubiak and Beth Shissler, Sea Bags are designed by Stephanie Moran and her team.

To own a bag inspired by all things nautical, visit www.seabags.com.

Lillian Asterfield — Sea Lillian Necklace — $35-$65

Lilian Asterfield Sea Lilian Necklace

Lilian Asterfield Sea Lilian Necklace

If you used to rummage through your dad’s closet and play dress up with his ties, the Sea Lillian necklace is your dream come true. Nicole Deponte’s Lilian Asterfield pieces are made completely from recycled and up-cycled products, such as old vintage ties, t-shirt yarn and plastic curtain rings. We love this necklace because it is one of the most unique out there.

Each Sea Lillian necklace is different, but we chose to feature this particular one because we couldn’t take our eyes off it. Sadly, it’s recently been sold– but never fear; Deponte takes special orders.

Her jewelry was recently shown at Lucky Gallery during an exhibit featuring artists who focus on sustainability. You can buy her pieces at Turtle in the South End or at www.nicoledeponte.com.

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