A recent theme on this blog, unfortunately, has been mothers killing their helpless children. There was the Frenchwoman who murdered and froze her babies, and the American woman who decapitated, skinned and ate part of her child.

Personally, I don’t very much enjoy writing about this sort of thing. It’s heartwrenching to read and even worse to imagine. But this story isn’t about a mother who killed her own child, rather about a family fooled into thinking a baby was really theirs. Murder, sadly, is involved.

Julie Corey, 35, allegedly fooled her boyfriend, Alex Dion, 27, and his family into believing she gave birth to a child she stole. The kidnapped child, who was eight months developed, was cut from her dead mother’s womb. The mother, Darlene Haynes, 23, was found brutally slain in a hotel room in Massachusetts last year. Police had been searching for the missing fetus until now.

“It’s killing me. I’ve got a hole in my heart,” said Cindy Dion, Alex’s mother, after finding out the baby is not her granddaughter.

According to The Associated Press, Corey was definitely a poor liar. She duped her boyfriend and his parents into thinking she was pregnant, four months along one month, eight months the next. The family quickly got suspicious, but the arrival of a new baby girl pushed those suspicions to the back of their collective minds.

According to police, Corey took Haynes’ baby and went to a homeless shelter in New Hampshire. The infant was later found alive and well in a N.H. hospital, and will be released into state custody while family custody battles are settled.

Police arrested Corey and Alex Dion in Plymouth, N.H. after their friends reported the couple introduced their new “daughter,” even though no one knew Corey had been pregnant. Dion was later released, according to ABC News.

It gets worse. Public records show Dion and Corey lived at 94 Southgate Dr. in Worcester, Mass., the same building where Haynes’ mutilated body was found wrapped in a sheet and stuffed in a closet, her womb missing a baby girl. Haynes was a mother to three other children, aged five, three and 18 months.

Corey is being held on $2 million bail for the suspected kidnapping of Haynes’ child. No one has yet been charged for Haynes’ brutal murder, though members of Haynes’ family believe Corey killed Haynes, with the help of someone else.

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  1. Julie Fernandez

    That man Alex Dion really needs to stop he is not that innocent. He had already given up rights to a baby my mom was going have previously and now he is sad all of a sudden. That family really needs to stop talking about my mother like that and yes Julie Corey is my mother and i was there to witness everything that so called man Alex Dion and his family put my mother through. They need to stop because it is getting me mad that they maek my mother look like a monster when they are just as bad as she is. I just want everybody to know that no matter what my mom did I LOVE HER and that will never change

    • Delilah

      Are u retarded?? Making your mother out to be a monster? She IS a monster! How can a person cut a baby out of another womans womb and not be a cruel, heartless monster. She deserves the death penalty for depriving that poor woman of being able to be a mother to her other children. You are an ignorant idiot if you think you can deflect any blame onto your mothers boyfriend. Even if he is a terrible partner, he didnt literally have a hand in murdering and slicing a woman up to rip out her unborn child!!! How can you not see the monster in this you deluded idiot.

  2. Jaden Storm

    I demand this woman, (Julie Corey is it?) be given the
    Death Penalty! (Unless she’s already Dead) I also hope,
    with all my Heart, this Child is Safe. If any Baby Girl
    deserves a Mother, Baby Sheila Marie Haynes deserves
    her Birth Mommy.


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