Some of the houseguests on big brother this week went a little bananas. Jesse nominated Michelle and Jordon for eviction. Off-beat Casey was one of the players chosen for the power of veto. During the competition, he took a risk that backfired on him and left him wearing a banana suit for an entire week. Michelle won the competition, taking herself off the nomination block. Some of the houseguests thought the plan was to put up Ronnie and evict him, but Jesse shocked some of the houseguests by nominating Casey instead.

Throughout the week, the bitter banana tried rallying for votes to stay in the game and go after the athletes. In the end Jordon once again avoided eviction and with a vote of 7 to 1 Casey was voted out, but not before speaking his mind first. He warned the other houseguests that Ronnie and Jesse will betray them if they stay in the game, leaving the remaining players with some food for thought.

As they say in the big brother house, expect the unexpected. Two twists were revealed Thursday night that could change the game. Julie Chen told the houseguests that they will no longer be playing the game in cliques, but rather as individuals. She also revealed to the viewers that America will be able to vote for one of the houseguests to receive a special power. The chosen player will be able to overthrow the head of household’s nominations one week. They’ll be able to replace the nominees with anyone except the head of household and the power of veto holder. These changes to the game make this weeks head of household competition more important than ever. But, we’ll have to wait to find out who wins. This weeks competition is based on endurance and could last for hours, possibly days. Watch Sunday to find out who lasts the longest and takes the title of head of household.

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