MANSFIELD — Sing It Loud had one of the first sets of the rainy day at Boston’s Warped Tour date, but by noon they had already gone through catering and were ready to just hang out for the day. Lead singer of the Minneapolis pop rock quintet, Pat Brown sat down with Blast for a few minutes to talk about Warped, showers and standing out on a punk legend label like Epitaph Records.

BLAST: How has Warped Tour been going?

Pat Brown:Warped Tour is the favorite tour that I’ve ever done and I’ve done a lot of tours. It’s awesome because there are a lot of bands out here that we’ve toured with – Hit The Lights, The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon when they were on. All Time Low and so many bands.

BLAST: What has been your favorite thing about the tour?

PB:So many bands that we haven’t toured with but are friends with and so many bands that I look up to like Less Than Jake and NOFX and Bad Religion that I listened to when I was younger. I watch Less than Jake a lot, 3OH!3, I watch Jeffrey Star a lot and Millionaires. Now that All Time Low is on the tour I am going to try and catch them every day. They are really good friends of ours. [And today] was my favorite set probably of all the whole tour. We just had a massive crowd. We do really well in Boston, it’s one of my favorite markets. And even though it was raining, kids just didn’t care. People were crowd surfing just going nuts – very messy but a lot of fun.

BLAST: What has been the hardest thing for you guys on the road this summer?

PB:There hasn’t been a single day yet that I haven’t taken a shower. I will take a shuttle to a hotel or twitter people for them to take me to their house and let me shower. I’ve done that one time. It was sweet

BLAST: What are Sing It Loud’s plans for after Warped?

PB:We are recording our second record in the fall. Our first record came out September 23rd so we are very ready to put out something new. We wrote a lot. We did a UK tour with Cobra Starship tour and came home for 3 weeks and did a lot of writing.

BLAST: You guys are signed to Epitaph records which is known for being a hardcore punk label, but you guys have a much lighter sound. Do you ever feel pressure to try and fit more in with the label’s reputation?

PB:I’d rather be on a label where I feel like more of an original, [unlike] labels that sign the same band over and over again and they are marketed the same way and go on tour with all the same bands. Then there are bands on this tour like Escape the Fate and Gallows and Bad Religion that are label mates, that I can say are label mates and that is way more bad ass.

BLAST: Do you have any parting words for readers?

PB: We are playing the whole tour, on the Hurley stage. Come check us out. Thanks for supporting our band and coming to hang out with us.

You can check out Sing It Loud on the rest of the Vans Warped Tour and look out for their next album in early 2010 from Epitaph Records.

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