It’s clear by this point in time that you don’t have to have a comic book base to be featured at Comic-Con. This point was just enforced by the debut trailer of “Hot Tub Time Machine,” a comedy starring John Cusak, Rob Corddry,Craig Robinson and Clark Duke about… well, about exactly what it sounds like.

Note: This trailer very much deserves its red band rating, so don’t watch it if you will be offended by swears and inappropriate content.

John Cusak ruled the eighties, so what better concept for a film than to bring him back to the era he reigned in? “Hot Tub Time Machine” is the story of a group of friends who travel back to 1986 after spending a night drinking Red Bulls and vodka in a hot tub where they partied in their youth. It is slated to hit theaters February 10, 2010.

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