OK. This is seriously messed up. Beyond horror movie messed up. More messed up than the French lady that froze her dead kids. Just. Messed. Up.

San Antonio police claim that a woman accused of gruesomely killing her 3-week-old infant also ate some of the baby boy’s body parts. Authorities claim Otty Sanchez ate three of the baby’s toes, part of its brain, then stabbed herself twice.

Police say they found the baby with “three of his toes chewed off, his face torn away and his head was severed,” USA Today reports.

Sanchez’s husband, Scott Buchholtz, told authorities his wife, who was was diagnosed with post-partum depression and was going to be admitted to a hospital to treat her depression, should be executed to pay for her crimes.

“She was a sweet person and I still love her, but she needs to pay the ultimate price for what she has done,” Buchholtz told the San Antonio Express-News. “She needs to be put to death for what she has done.”

Family members told authorities Sanchez’s health had been suffering in the week leading up to the death of her baby. Sanchez told police she’d been hearing voices and killed her baby at the request of the devil.

Sanchez has been charged with capital murder and is being held on $1 million bail. She is also being treated in hospital for her self-inflicted stab wounds. If convicted, Sanchez could be given the death penalty.

Even police were struck by the heinous degree of the crime, reportedly barely speaking to one another while searching the accused’s home.

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  1. Lesa

    I think that the father should go on trail for murder as well. Why did he let her leave with the baby and why did he do nothing to help the mother. She was sick and he is sick too.

    • Sindie

      Thats ridiculous why should the father go on trial, for your information he did call the cops when she left with the baby that day because she didnt buckle him in she just thru him in the car and the police did nothing. Then the sister called later that days after she found what happen. So no, i disagree, i dont believe he should get charged, im sure hes suffered enough.

    • chris

      Lesa – You’re stupid, read the article again. And if you dont get it again the 2nd time around then you have no clue on how to read and analyze a paragraph and should probably repeat 8th grade.

  2. just

    She doesn’t deserve the death penalty. That wouldn’t solve anything in this case. These are not the actions of a rational person.

    I can’t imagine ANYONE in the family could have imagined this happening. Any statements from the father are hardly likely to be well thought out at this point as he says he still loves her but he wants her to get the death penalty in the same breath.

    Sad story.

  3. MamaRoo

    Ok…this woman does not deserve the death penalty but it really should be her punishment – for her own good.
    How is she ever going to be able to forgive herself for what she did, once she is under psychiatric care and medicine??????? Please give her what she NEEDS. She has to die. Once she will be in her “right” mind (by medication…) she will want to die anyways and try her best to do so.
    Otherwise she might have another baby one day and do something similar horrific.
    Ok…I have to go throw up right now…I can not get how messed up someone can be…it’s just horrible.

  4. shocked

    i’ve seen this on several sites, and there’s a constant flow of people who say she doesn’t deserve the death penalty… seriously? you name to me one act on earth that has deserved the death penalty more than this. right mind or not, she killed, decapitated, partially skinned, and partially ATE her own newborn son. a COMPLETELY innocent life was taken in the most disgusting of ways.

    i agree with the father. i love my wife but if she ever came near to this i’d holler for the death penalty as well.

    she does deserve it, because she does not deserve to live. the baby did.

  5. cassandra

    This woman deserves the death penalty. I don’t care what they say she
    had or didn’t have what she did is just horrific. What gets me the most
    is she could do all those horrible, horrible things to that precious little
    baby but she sure knew when she stabbed herself and cut her throat not to
    kill herself didn’t she. Yet right she is mentally ill, I really don’t think
    so, I really think she is just evil and the babies father got her upset and
    she took it out on the baby, now she is crying the Devil made me do, well
    lady the devil sure made sure you didn’t hurt your stupid self enough.
    Look at the family, where is the love for this beautiful child now they are all going to try and save her and stick her in a mental hospital. The father
    is right make her pay for what she did. This dear baby needs justice.
    This little one was innocent and deserved to live a full life. She took
    that away from him, he was so defenseless and now she cries well sick lady it is to late for you to say your sorry. Yes, you are sick but not
    mentally your are just a evil evil person who should not be walking among
    the world. What you did was just beyond horrible.
    Now watch she will play the game to get put away because she wants to live.
    You make me sick for what you did!!!!

  6. veronica

    God bless that little baby. I can not think how her family knowing she had mental issues, letted her to get to that point. You may hear about mothers killing their own baby, a life they carried for 9 months, they felt them inside of them, and they even saw them before they were born, and then they kill them!This case is different, she ate him!! I can not even think of an ANIMAL doing that.

  7. LadyV

    I believe the death penalty is too good of a punishment for this deranged demon of a mother. Keep her alive & put her in jail so she can suffer for the rest of her life & be tormented by what she did while being tortured on a daily basis by the other inmates for killing her own baby. As far as the Father goes, he should be charged with negligence for leaving a deranged person alone with their newborn even if she was the Mother. Usually it’s a red flag to NOT leave your helpless newborn with somebody who is hearing voices from the DEVIL!

  8. Tania Hardiman

    First of all, I think that before this woman is sent to her death, people with rational minds should examine the situation. This woman had a history of psychiatric problems…why then was her husband having further babies with her. This woman should’ve been under the care of a psychiatrist not pregnant with probably a baby she could not handle and a post-partum depression that would escalate her psychiatric symptoms. Anyone in their “right” mind, would never do this to an inocent little baby. There are many people who have responsibility in this. Her husband, her family, her doctors…there are just some people, I must say with the accusation of not sounding politically correct should not have children and she was one of them. When she showed up at the husbands family home why did they dismiss her and throw her out? They didn’t help her, but were sure fast and calling the cops when they saw her behavior….Come on people….there were many things that were twisted going on here and her last act proved it!!!

    • chris

      I’m sure the husband did what he could do, dont point a finger until you know the family’s situation. Maybe they had no money, no money = no psychiatric help. Along with that there comes a waiting period for government help. If they were finacially ok, I’m sure Insurance would not cover psychiatric evaluation. So before you start pointing a finger as “her family didnt do anything for her” try to bring yourself to another level and think of the other possibilites as to why she may not have received help as quickly as she should have…

  9. thisissick!!!!!

    This is sick and sad. They should do to her what she did to her son.. Give her death!

  10. Angelica

    If you guys read carefully it says “Sanchez told police she’d been hearing voices and killed her baby at the request of the devil.” that explains it all.. Those voices were demons that just took control of her and made her do things she probably most likely didnt even want to do… Its sad but thats what the devil is doing now adays.. He is desperate and wants to destroy everyone.. If we are not with God we are against God..(his word says) and whos against God? the devil is.. So lets be very careful about the things we do..

  11. Francisco

    Well i think that she should get the death penalty.Because why would she do that to her child thats some realy crazy chik and they should let other people eat her alive too so she knows how it was like and for the dad it wasent his fault what happen.

  12. no bull

    Our justice system has only itself to blame. How many of these wacko women have killed their kids and then cried “post pardom depression”

    Many can thank the slap on the wrst given to Andrea Yates for this.

    Im so tired ofo the insanity plea, its a crock of shit, cop out to get away with murder by getting a lesser sentence.

    We need to bring back public executions, especially in cases like this.

    Im tired of the justice system saying to criminals “Its ok to commit crimes because you are the real victim”

    We should be saying “You commit violent crimes, you will hang in the town square as a warning”

  13. Manuel

    I lol’d. I could only imagine the “OMNOMNOMNOM” in white bold letters.

    But in all seriousness, at the very least, she should be institionalized. That way she can live with her crime, and kill herself. BUt i rather not waste tax payers money on all that jazz, and just give her the death penalty to not waste any more taxes on keeping this ‘woman’ alive.

  14. Michael

    Maybe she doesn’t deserve the death penalty, but her husband has to eat and one small baby’s not going to feed them both. He could eat her afterwards.

  15. Yami

    oh my God, tat poor baby boy 🙁 it’s all bullshit, she wasn’t crazy, she was afraid of being a single parent! probably had a rough life and bliamed it on the baby. oh my God! i saw pictures of the baby’s body 🙁 this woman deserves the death penalty, please someone do justice to that babies death. she doesn’t deserve to live after what she has done. i swear to God, if i knew that psychotic bitch id beath the living shit out of her. what is the world comming to?

  16. chris m

    “Yet right she is mentally ill, I really don’t think
    so, I really think she is just evil and the babies father got her upset and
    she took it out on the baby, now she is crying the Devil made me do,”

    She had a long history of mental illness. Yeah, schizophrenia is real, horrible and makes people do bizarre things because they hallucinate, have disordered thinking and do wierd things

    “That way she can live with her crime, and kill herself. BUt i rather not waste tax payers money on all that jazz, and just give her the death penalty to not waste any more taxes on keeping this ‘woman’ alive.”

    You’re a vile piece of subhuman shit yourself.


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