Bungie released this darkly ominous trailer for their Halo 3 expansion ODST at Comic Con this week, and lo and behold, we’ve snagged ourself a copy and is yours to enjoy below.

Halo 3 ODST drops this September 22 exclusively on Xbox 360 and is now a full-on $60 title where you’ll play as The Rookie, instead of the normative and boosted Masterchief. Nope, you won’t be able to jump as high, you’ll be subjected to heavier recoil due to lack of ‘Chief strength, and you’ll have to collect health-packs to stay alive. No more regenerating shields!

As if a departure from predictable Bungie storytelling wern’t enough, an intriguing game-mode dubbed FireFight will be included on Disc 1, and in this game, which is similar in theory to Horde mode in Gears, you’ll slay wave after wave of Covenant alongside your Marine buddies either locally or over Xbox Live.

We’re excited for this game, believe us. But now enjoy this trailer.

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