SAN DIEGO “" Hot from their first live performance as Jeffster, Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky sat down with Blast to talk about their bizarre characters, what will happen with the Buy More and the future of Jeffster.

On taking Jeffster to the next level

SCOTT KRINSKY: Of course, with like a world tour, you know?

On Jeffster music videos

SK: I haven’t heard about doing some videos yet, but it sounds like a very good idea.

On covers they would like to perform

SK: I’d love to do some Journey.

VIK SAHAY: Yeah, “Don’t Stop.” I would say “Don’t Stop Believing.” Although, you know, all of this, I would have to sing this stuff, and that is a nightmare for myself and for everybody listening. It’s impossible for me to pick songs, although I did pick [“Fat Bottomed Girls”].

On the origin of Jeffster

VS: I think it’s my rock star vibe that gave that idea to the writers. We were approached, we jumped, we bit. I was afraid. (My first response was) terror. Utter, utter terror. The singing (was the scariest), because I was like yeah, great idea, more for us to do”¦ wait a minute, I have to sing these songs.

SK: And I have to fake playing them. I am not a musician so, I hope I pulled it off.

(from left) Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay

(from left) Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay

On Scott Krinsky’s similarity to Jeff

SK: I’m not a big gamer. I love the old school games, so the Missile Command, Galaga, Ms. Pac-man, Donkey Kong. Very old school.

On the future of the Buy More:

VS: You tell us.

SK: We know nothing.

VS: What did (Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz) tell you when they came by?

SK: Do you think they tell us these things?

VS: Zero. You tell me what they said when they came by.

SK: I, like you, was hoping to learn something up there (at the panel) about what I am going to do.

VS: We were all listening.

On the “Indian lesbian” line used to describe Lester in an episode

VS: I died a little inside when I read that. You know but what I do realize is that when you’re a masculine, Harrison Ford type like I am, what they’re playing with is the comedy of opposites, clearly. Ah, yes. Is (an Indian lesbian) what I look like?

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