Chase Gharrity and I have spent the entirety of Comic-Con checking out games, interviewing developers, producers and directors, and collecting as much information (and pictures of cosplay) as we can. Thankfully Eddie Makuch has been around to cover the news that has come out of the Con, so you have been kept up to date, but just know that we have been given hands-on demos with a huge percentage of what is on the show floor, and behind-closed-doors opportunities with many things that are not. Once we get back to our normal life, where cheerleaders no longer wear fishnets and Japanese schoolgirl zombies do not roam the streets, we’ll start pumping out content for you, so you get a sense of the things we have spent our time with for the past week.

Be prepared to come back often for a slew of Q&A’s as well as hands-on impressions with folks from EA, Capcom, Epic, Microsoft, Ubisoft and many others. Hopefully we’ll produce enough for you that you feel like you were there–and you won’t even have to run around the crowded aisles with the masses to do it.

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