United Kingdom based indie-game studio Mode 7 announced their latest endeavor today naming Frozen Synapse the project in question in what the studio is calling the “bite sized hardcore strategy” genre.


Don’t know what that means? No problem because Mode 7 also revealed today that they’ll be hosting developer-filled podcasts‚  with the name “Visiting the Village” (available on iTunes) for all to download, enjoy, and learn more about the game. And as an added bonus the podcasts will also feature light yet informative commentary on the industries’ daily news.

Here’s how Mode 7 describes Frozen Synapse:

“The gameplay focuses on knife-edge tactical decisions: matches between opposing squads are quick, intense battles of wits rather than slow-burn strategic epics. The emphasis is on tactical competence rather than memorising unit trees or hoarding resources. We’re calling it “bite-sized hardcore strategy” because we think that sounds fantastic.”

Hit up the following locations for more information regarding Mode 7, Frozen Synapse, and the aforesaid Podcasts.

Mode 7

Frozen Synapse


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