SAN DIEGO “" People are Tweeting it and spreading the rumor, but Blast got him to spill the beans.

Ian Somerhalder told Blast that he will be back as Boone Carlyle for the final season of “Lost.”

“I was literally 20 minutes ago talking with (“Lost” Executive Producer) Carlton Cues. Uh, yes. I will back,” Somerhalder said.

When asked about the number of episodes he’ll be in, Ian Somerhalder said, “That I don’t know… I’ll be back as much as I can.”

Keep in mind this may have been a major slip, because he hasn’t slept in pretty much two days, but there you have it.

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  1. Damonlover35798

    YAY!!! I’d love to see him back for lost! Ian Somerhalder is an excelent actor, and I was devistated when he was killed off.


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