If you’ve been waiting for Halo-maker Bungie to spread its wings and fly to new heights with a brand new non-Halo game, the future may be in sight.

In an interview with VGChartz.com Bungie’s Lars Bakken and Microsoft Game Studios Ryan Crosby answered questions regarding the future of the Bungie developed Halo brand after ODST’s successor “Halo: Reach,” adamantly stating:

“Reach will be our last Halo game. We are currently working on a new IP but obviously can’t reveal anything at this stage. Reach is it for us.”

Bungie spokespeople have been master equivocators for some time. Saying one thing and meaning another, but really, how can they dance around that firm declaration?

A new intellectual property means something other than Halo, and I will gladly laud their future endeavors, whatever they may be, but am still very interested to see how the whole “we’re not making Halo games” claim works out. Microsoft is so fixed on the franchise, both from a monetary standpoint as well as the idea of brand recognition for the Xbox that I cannot see the gaming giant give up the IP wholly. That said, Microsoft owns the IP and can farm out development duties to whomever they damn well please.

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  1. Chad

    Halo reach is a great game for bungie to end on, but i dont think anymore halos should be. If bungie is not making then nobody should. Bungie captured great moments in its halo carreer, but nobody else could come close to what they had done, without changing it


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