It’s been another tense week inside the Big Brother house. The theme of this week appeared to be “revenge of the nerd” as Ronnie became head of household and used his power to nominate athlete Jeff and popular Laura. But it quickly became muscle over brains as the houseguests began to catch on that Ronnie was the “rat”, trying to turn both sides against each other. The self-proclaimed gamer seemed to have overplayed his strategy, making himself a target for the other players.

Throughout the week Russell bullied him into seclusion, torturing him every chance he got. According to host Julie Chen, Ronnie spent more time in the head of household room than any other head of household in Big Brother history. He barricaded himself inside, only leaving when called to the diary room.

To save themselves from eviction, the nominated houseguests had to “count” on the power of veto to save them. The chosen players for this weeks power of veto competition had to count coins to win and come closest to a certain number. Jeff won, beating out Russell in the final round. Jordan was put up as a replacement nominee, putting clique-mates against each other. In the end, bikini model Laura was the second person to be voted off Big Brother 11.

With many broken deals and promises, the houseguests knew this week’s head of household competition was more important than ever. And when it came down to Jesse and Jeff, the big brother veteran took the title of head of household for the second time this season. Watch next week to see if Ronnie is able to manipulate his way out of eviction.

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