Craig Morrison, game director with FunCom’s MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, today nailed down some solid details in regards to update number 6 for the ambitious massively multiplayer game with special emphasis placed on all-things guilds as well as the inclusion of a brand new dungeon.

Straight from FunCom’s mouth: “Guilds will be able to acquire renown points through the actions of their members “" for instance through crafting or questing “" and also through waging war on rivaling guilds.” Sounds to me like more war is a good thing, at least if you belong to a guild!

Furthermore, when the update is applied, guilds will be ranked on ladders based on their level of renown, and said ladders will be visible in-game for all to gawk, scoff, or any other emotion to.

Finally, The House of Crom, a brand new dungeon will find its way into the game when the update goes live, as well as more PvP objectives and raid opportunities.

No date for update #6 has been set by FunCom, but as always, when we know, you’ll be the first to hear!

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