SAN DIEGO — Chris Weitz, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene debuted an exclusive clip of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” and what an exclusive clip it was. Showcasing the integration of Edward Cullen into the mostly Edward Cullen-less “New Moon,” the Bella/Jacob chemistry and Taylor Lautner’s smokin’ hot bod, let’s just say the Twilight fans got what they came for.

“I hope you guys are pleased when you see the results,” Taylor humbly told the audience before the clip was revealed. From the screams at the chest reveal (a shot with clearly only one purpose when filmed), they seemed to be.

Kristen Stewart admitted she unfortunately did not do her own stunts in the motorcycle scene that was shown. “Yeah, no,” Kristen replied when asked if she ever thought she would ride a motorcycle for the film.

Taylor, however, did every stunt we could get his hands on (that the insurance company said was okay) Chris Weitz said. “If Jacob is doing something impressive or dangerous in the film, it’s pretty much Taylor doing it,” said Chris. “And Rob just stood there looking good.”

It has been previously announced that Robert Pattinson’s Edward would be involved in the film version of “New Moon” more than he was in the book. He continually referred to himself as a supporting role in the morning press conference and again in the Hall H panel. From the clip shown, instead of just being a voice like in the novel, here Edward is a visual hallucination, telling Bella to “Stop” when she starts to ride the motorcycle and appearing in the road behind her when she is driving away — ultimately distracting her and causing her to crash (and Taylor to take off his shirt, etc. etc.).

“I’ve noticed you are very cold to the touch, with skin like marble and you glow like a diamond when the sun hits you,” Chris Weitz replied when asked if Robert Pattinson resembled Edward Cullen.

The visual and emotional look of Chris Weitz’s take on the saga looks a lot more interesting and less edgy than Catherine Hardwicke’s take to the first film. Ashley Greene even said Portland was a bit edgier than filming in Vancouver.

“I have been stalking Rob for the past 10 years,” Chris Weitz admitted when asked about coming to the film, saying he was excited to actually get to direct the film (though he had not read a “Twilight” novel before he was signed on).

“In spite of how glib I may seem, I really do appreciate the love the Twilight fans bring to this book,” he said.

The final shot of the film was taken in Italy, Stewart said, which was her favorite part of the Italy shooting. Robert seconded her saying the location they filmed at was exactly how he pictured it in the book.

Ashley Greene said she is most excited for the final showdown at the end of “Eclipse,” while Taylor said his is the sleeping bag/tent scene (DUH!).

“I can’t wait to actually get pregnant,” Kristen Stewart said.

“Actually, being involved in the cesarean,” Rob said after with a laugh. “I just can’t wait.”

“New Moon” hits theaters in November.

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