Are you ready for a slew of new content on your Xbox 360? You better be, because in a mere 21 days, Microsoft will set loose the Fall Dashboard Update and with it will come Xbox 360 Games-on-Demand, an Avatar marketplace, and the ability to watch Netflix with friends. Neato.

No we’re not talking about the Sytem Update that’ll bring Facebook, Twitter,, and more to the experience. That’s due out sometime in the more distant fall, but don’t look so gloomy.

Beginning August 11 by way of the Dashboard Update you’ll be able to download and play full-on Xbox 360 titles including Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, LEGO Star Wars, and Mass Effect, with Microsoft promising more each week. Hope you’re not still running on a 20GB (eek, I am). We all know digital distribution is the way of the future in gaming, but I still love holding a box.

The addition of the Avatar marketplace still doesn’t make the whole avatar effort seem worthwhile, but hey, maybe Microsoft has larger plans for the little guys. And starting on August 11, your little dude can take on much more personality via trinkets and such other oddities.

Lastly, Netflix on Xbox 360 is getting re-hashed and will, come August 11, allow multiple viewers scattered around the country to all view the same film, TV show, or skin flick (oh wait, Netflix doesn’t do poon). Also, better video quality, and queue management capabilities are inbound, though we don’t know details at the moment.

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