jimmy_fallon_late_nightIt’s a relief to see one of my favorite comedians, SNL veteran Jimmy Fallon, wake from the recent comedy-coma he’s been in ever since he got the heady promotion to hosting his own late-night show.

My favorite French Stewart impersonator’s jokes sadly turned awkward and stilted as soon as he hit the late-night circuit. ‚ He looked like a five-year-old going to church in his trim black suits, and most of his skits were contrived, albeit well-conceived, but in the end, Jimmy’s magic was gone.

But, ladies and gents, Jimmy Fallon just might be making a comeback. ‚ I laughed my way through this entire video that Jimmy made for his show in which he depicts Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe slamming one another with insults. ‚ Make sure to watch it to the end for some out-takes which may or may not “bother” you.

Hopefully, Jimmy, this is a sign of more good things to come.

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